Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve with kids

Here in English.  I wanted to share what I do with the kids on New Year's Eve. These activities keep them  (and you) busy all day.  They are excited expecting the alarm to go off every hour to open a new envelope with a surprise. I promise they will not forget!!!!!

These are some of the activities we'll do tomorrow. Don't forget to set the alarm every hour or two (depending on the movie)

Marshmallows darts. Using a straw, throw mini marshmallows to a bowl or a toy.

Pop the balloons: 12 balloons whith the the months written on them

Time capsule:  This is one of the more expected activities. they like to see how their tastes had change in a year. (just google "time capsule" and print one of them)

Let's make pizza: google an easy pizza recipe to do with kids.

Popcorn movie

Facepaint your parents and take them a picture, Don't have face paints? ok, then Make up.

Let's make cookies! with 12 chocolate chips or 12 M&M (save for later. put it on top of the decorated glass or cup until midnight or toast time)

Dress up or wear a costume and snap a picture

Decorate your glass, make a fancy mocktail and cheers!

Funny dance or joke video ( this will be GOLD in few years)

Play detective: make each other a secret message using a cotton swab (as a pen) and lemon juice (as ink) then reveal the message using a heat source ( I use the toaster)

Make an art piece. Any medium

Need more ideas? let me know.

Science experiments. recycling projects , jewelry...

I'll be using the tags #NYEkids and  #ConLaTropa in Facebook and Instagram, it will be fun to see your activities too.

Happy New Year!!


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